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About us

T-Life Capital is an investment based in Athens, Greece.

We aspire to drive growth and create value for generations to come through our strategic investments in startups and hospitality developments both in Greece and around the world.

T Life Capital is an official partner in the AWS Activate Ecosystem. 

Startup Portfolio

From food to finance and everything in between, we seize opportunities to support founders who are rewriting the rules of the industries they’re in. 

Hospitality Portfolio

We invest in tourism and real-estate projects that are raising the bar and setting new standards for Greek Hospitality.

Our Team

We are interested in offering our contribution to ventures with pioneering ideas that target the international market. 


Dimitris Tryfon

is Partner at T-Life Capital and Director at WinMedica, part of the ELPEN Group, a leading pharmaceutical group in Southern Europe. He is also a BoD member of Ble Kedros, a publicly listed REIT based in Athens, Greece


Manolis Couclelis

is an entrepreneurship enthusiast with start-ups, venture capital, private equity and consulting experience. Through the years he has engaged with projects in the tech-startups field, pharmaceuticals, tourism and shipping. He holds a BA degree in Economics and an MSc in Management from the University of Bath.


Theodore Tryfon

is shareholder, Vice President and Co- Managing Director of Elpen Pharmaceutical Co. Inc., the leading Greek Pharmaceutical Industry; being part of Elpen Group of companies (Elpen Co. Inc., Aenorasis S.A., Winmedica S.A.) having a turnover of more than 350.000.000€ in 2023 and over 1250 employees. He is also President of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industries (PUPI).


Michael Kalafatis

holds law degrees from University College London and the University of Kent, blending legal expertise with a keen interest in startups and finance. He specializes in crafting strategic solutions for investment opportunities and challenges. Committed to ongoing learning, Michael approaches the investment landscape with a data-driven perspective.

Startup Portfolio

VC Portfolio

News from Partners

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